Proper Care and Maintenance Tips

Since it has been first used in 2000, invisalign is becoming more popular among people who wanted to straighten their teeth while improving oral health. It is usually preferred over braces because it’s designed to be invisible.
Aligner trays are made of BPA-free clear plastic that are smooth and comfortable to wear over the teeth to gently and subtly move them. They must be worn at least 22 hours daily to achieve results.
As compared to braces, invisalign is removable, and clear or invisible. It requires proper care and maintenance or proper cleaning procedures to keep it from getting damaged. Aligner trays need to be changed every 2 weeks.
However, invisalign aligners are not ideal for dental patients with certain needs and issues such as:
• Back tooth bite problems
• Bridgework
• The need for moving teeth vertically
• The need for rotating canines or premolars
• The lack of discipline for keeping in or wearing the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours daily
We’ve gathered here some tips and recommendations that you might find useful to properly care for invisalign aligners, especially in prolonged use.
• Wash hands thoroughly using soap and water every time, before handling the aligners.
• Rinse the aligners before wearing them for the first time. Never use hot water in cleaning aligners. Lukewarm or cool water and a soft bristle toothbrush should do it.
• Wear the aligners on full time, for 22-24 hours daily, removing them only when eating, or as instructed by the doctor.
• Don’t bite the aligners into position when putting them on, this might cause damage. Use fingertips to put equal pressure until the aligners snap into place.
• Avoid unnecessary removal of the aligners. Take proper and extra care in removing them.
• Never use sharp objects or excessive force in taking off the aligners. If they are extremely hard to remove, consult your doctor.
• Rinse them immediately with water upon removal, and then shake off the excess, before storing the aligners in their designated case.
• Remove aligners every time before eating and drinking anything other than cool water.
• Brush and floss teeth every time after eating and before putting back on the aligners to prevent them from getting stained.

• Rinse mouth thoroughly, and then wash the aligners using warm running water in times that cleaning system is inaccessible.
• Brush and wash aligners clean by using plain lukewarm or cool water only. Otherwise, use less abrasive cleaners instead of toothpaste, once a week or as needed only.
• Maintain regular cleaning and checkups at the dental clinic, all throughout the invisalign treatment, about every 4-6 weeks. This is recommended for continued teeth and gum health.
• Should build ups (tartar) occur on aligners, soak them in a glass of water with a retainer tablet after taking them off before eating, and then brush them clean.
• Always store aligners in designated cases when not in use. Keep them away from pets and small children. Doing these will help prevent loss and damage.
• Keep all older aligners in clean plastic bags or as per your doctor’s instructions.
Proper care and maintenance of invisalign aligners are entirely up to the patient or user of the treatment. All About You Dentistry, a cosmetic dentist in Clearwater FL can provide instructions and guidance, as well as the necessary assistance that their patients require. Whenever unsure, always refer to them and visit